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NLGC - Soaring Reports

What do we do?

Fly gliders! Gliding is one of the most accessible forms of recreational aviation. Our club flies most weekends on saturdays. We offer instructional trial flights to anyone interested in trying it out. Learn to fly with the club and discover the world of mountain soaring.

Joining up

New members are always welcome. Whether you’re interested in joining or would just like to spend a day seeing what it’s all about get in touch.

Email us at info@glidingnelson

To Nelson regions soaring club. Nelson Lakes Gliding Club is all about the sport of soaring in sailplanes, fast sleek unpowered aircraft capable of great distance and heights


Where are we?

At Lake Station airstrip, 8km west of St. Arnaud. Just over one hour south of Nelson.

Need directions? Here’s a map.